Maybe you hired your Seneca, SC Home Inspector as part of the process of purchasing a home in the beautiful upstate and as you review the report you have an item on the inspection report that is called out for the service panel or perhaps you have a breaker that tripped. "Why did that happen", you may wonder. Perhaps you are just curious about how the service panel works in the home you just purchased. Well, this article " Electricity 101: Understanding the Service Panel",  by Fran J. Donegan of The Home Depot will shed some light on that mysterious service panel:

Electricity 101: Understanding the Service Panel

Many homeowners who are unfamiliar with construction and wiring are timid when it comes to electrical work. It makes perfect sense to have a healthy respect for electricity—it can be dangerous if you don't understand it. To give you confidence and a little knowledge to help you discuss electrical problems with an electrician, let’s explore how the service panel (or panel box) controls your home's electrical system.   The Service Panel After passing through the electric meter, the local electrical utility provides electricity to your house through the service panel

Increasing Home Energy Efficiency Here in Seneca South Carolina home inspections most times reveal opportunities to improve home energy efficiency. InterNACHI advises that energy-efficient homes require less energy to perform household functions than homes that are less energy-efficient. There are many adjustments that homeowners can make to...